.Alex Bajc.Natasha Bajc.Ana Stekic

Natasha has a M.Arch. degree from
SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of
Architecture) and a B.Arch. from the
University of Belgrade. She has 20
years of experience in different areas of
architectural practice. Starting at the
construction site, through designing for
the Russian market, teaching architecture
at SCI-Arc and Cal Poly Pomona,
offering critiques of students at UCLA
and Columbia University, working on
hospitality projects in the US, speaking
in conferences, TV and radio about the
future of architecture and technology,
and running and growing Urbis. She
regularly inspires us with her views on
the future and her different perspectives.
She occasionally prepares lunch
for everybody on Fridays and we
suspect that for some people that's the
only reason to stay with the company.